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For the French dish consisting of steak seasoned with cracked Black peppercorns, see Steak au poivre.

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Pepper steak
Place of originChina
Serving temperatureHot
Main ingredientsBeef, bell peppers, bamboo shoots
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Pepper steak (Chinese: 青椒牛肉; pinyin: qīngjiāoniúròu) is a stir-fried Chinese dish consisting of sliced beef steak (often flank, sirloin, or round) cooked with sliced bell peppers, bamboo shoots and other seasonings such as soy sauce and ginger, and usually thickened with cornstarch. Sliced onions and bean sprouts are also frequent additions lớn the recipe.[citation needed]

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Evidence for the dish's existence in the United States dates from at least 1948.[1] The dish originated from Fujian cuisine, where it was known as qīngjiāo ròusī (青椒炒肉絲).[2] In the original dish the meat used was pork and the seasonings were relatively light compared lớn pepper steak.

Similar adaptations of the Chinese qīngjiāoròusī (青椒肉丝; 青椒肉絲) include gochu-japchae (고추잡채; "pepper japchae")[citation needed] found in Korean Chinese cuisine and chinjao-rōsu (青椒肉絲) found in Japanese Chinese cuisine.


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